Why Website is just not enough for business

Why Website is Important but just not enough?

Yes, you heard it right. Website is important but just not enough for business to happen and to start your sale to happen. There are many other factors to be done together which will give your first sale.

We have come across so many clients who feel just by developing a website they are done & the Business is set. This is totally a wrong perception. A website is just a stepping stone to take the business to the next level. So let us understand the basic importance of building a website and how a company can optimize it to the best of their advantage.

A website owner should be clear in his mind the basic purpose of having a website for his company, organization or Individual.
A website can primarily be built for the following reasons. 

1. Build Trust, Identity & Credibility. 
2. Company Recognition & Branding 
3. Ease of Presentation of Products & Services.
4. The cost-effective approach in reaching out to the Prospects Globally.
5. Finally adapting various Online Marketing Strategies & Techniques available to generate leads through various social platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram & many more.

A Business Owner with a professional website should make use of all online techniques to optimize and boost his sales.

What does an Organization need to prosper? A healthy turnover & Good Sales. For Good Sales, you need sufficient LEADS & PROSPECTS to feed your Sales Team.

One can generate appropriate Qualified leads based on his Industry through various Online Marketing Strategies & techniques like
1. Facebook Ads
2. Google Ads
3. Instagram Ads
4. Linkedin Ads etc…

A good visionary company should set aside a Monthly Online Marketing Budget which should be used in generating prospective leads for the company through various platform mentioned above.

Amazon is Amazon today only because all its transaction is purely online. 

A Dormant Website without a proper Digital Marketing Strategy is like a New Car parked in a Shed.

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