Simplified SEO for Everyone

Simplified SEO For Everyone

What is Search Engine Optimization / Simplified SEO For Everyone

SEO is a process or the pre-requisite steps that a Website Owner has to take in order to get his Website on the 1st page of Google & Other Search Engines organically on punching specific service-related Keywords. Organically means unpaid.


For Eg: – Vnet Enterprises is specialized in Website Design, Development and Digital Marketing services based out of Thane and Mumbai. 
So all prospects in and around Thane and Mumbai looking out for a Website Developer will search for Website Development Companies by punching in related KEYWORDS in GOOGLE.

The related Keywords are like –

1. Top Website developers in Thane.
2. Number One Website development company in Thane or Mumbai.
3. Web Designers in Thane and Mumbai.
4. Digital Marketing agencies in Thane and Mumbai.
5. Social Media Marketing agencies in Thane Mumbai.
6. Facebook specialists in Thane Mumbai.
7. Google AdWords agencies in Thane Mumbai etc.

So what is Simplified SEO For Everyone &

What exactly is needed for a website to appear on the first page?

Most of the Digital Marketing agencies will present a 4 to 5-page explanation exhibiting their expertise in getting a website to the 1st page and of course, all this will come at a hefty cost.

Now to keep it just short & simple I have mentioned below the key factors that will play a role in getting a website on the 1st page of any search engine most importantly GOOGLE SEARCH

A Website Owner should:-

1. Pen down the keywords on which he wants his website to appear predominantly on the 1st page of the Google search.
2. Ensure these keywords are present in the content of the website in proper phrase or sentences. Avoid duplication of contents.
3. Basic back end SEO should have complied i.e. The Meta keys, Alt text, Titles, Permalinks etc. should all be in order.
4. Website Traffic – Website owner can pull traffic to his website through FB & other Google Paid Adverts / Campaigns
5. Website’s Bounce Rate – High bounce rate will adversely affect your SEO scores. Refer to Google analytics to know your website bounce rate.
6. Google Directory Listing.

The above are the most important & primary aspect of getting a website on the 1st page of any search engine, apart from this there are other factors as well like blog’s, listings, backlinks etc. the list is long and never-ending.

So next time you want to do SEO and keep the cost low as well just focus on the above 6 points and you are almost done. The more effectively you do this the better and earlier the chance of appearing on the first page.

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