Get Clear on WHO You Are Selling To! – Find Your Customer Avatar

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Get Clear on WHO You Are Selling To! – Find Your Customer Avatar
Find your Customer Avatar

Hello Guys! It’s me Jackson Pathilchirayil, this blog post is to Get Clear on WHO You Are Selling To! & How you can Find Your Customer Avatar with some simple steps which will help you to converse with your ideal customers and get the conversions with fewer efforts.


Hello Guys! It’s me Jackson Pathilchirayil, a Web Developer and a budding Digital Marketer here on this side of this screen. It’s Been 15 Days since my Last Post about the Key Takeaways of Class 1 of the Digital Deepak Internship Program. I know everyone is very excited to know what is going to be the learning and tasks in Class 2 of the Internship Program.

Quick Intro – Deepak Kanakaraju is a Brand + an Influencer, + a passionate Digital Marketer + a Biker Boy + Author and so is known as one of the best digital marketers. He has gained a massive follower-base around India and other parts of the Globe.

Deepak conducted the second class of the Digital Deepak Internship Program on 7th March 2020, at 9:05 pm, and this time he wasn’t at his regular place (Bangalore), where he always does the webinars. Instead, He was in Delhi, and that too at a unique person’s home to do the webinar. Any Guesses? Want to know who is that person? Stay Tuned, and you will know who it is, and you are going to get a superb tip by him.
Ok, ok, Let me give you Clue No 1 – “He is an International Speaker & Blogger, Runs a Content Writing Agency.” Any Guesses? 

Class Starts:

At the start of the class itself, Deepak announced that the assignment completion rate is very high, and this positive transformation is because of the positive pressure to complete the assignment. Here in this program, instead of sticks, we have the carrots, which is you have already paid the price to join this program, and not completing the assignment will end up losing the money. It is making the interns complete the task.

As part of the Internship Program, all the assignments would be reviewed and given individual feedback. The Google Sheet Link with names and links of all those who have submitted the articles was shared.

Out of all the submitted articles, Deepak and Team are going to select the Top 100. AAHA everyone has already started praying to get into that Top 100, I too was begging for it from the mighty to be at least the 100th one.

If You haven’t yet read the Key Takeaways of Class 1 of the Digital Deepak Internship Program, then click here to read it.

Let me tell you a story – (Personal Experience) 

Around 2012, I joined Pizzahut as a Shift Manager after my graduation, and the initial three to four months was training where I had to get trained in kitchen, service, housekeeping, delivery of pizzas, back-end, etc.

One thing what I learned there was that there are four methods to Learn and get Trained:

  1. Hear and Learn – I could have heard from another guy on how to make a pizza, and I could have said I learned to make pizza. Here in this method I could have only learned, never understood the efforts on how to make pizza
  2. See and Learn – I could have seen how another guy is making pizza and, I could have said I learned to make pizza. Here in this method, I could have learned, and slightly understood how to make pizza but high chances of forgetting it later.
  3. Do and Learn – I could make pizza practically and, I could have said I learned to make pizza. Here in this method, I could have learned, and clearly understood the efforts to make pizza, but a small chance of getting forgotten after some time.
  4. Learn, Do, and Teach – Here, I am making pizzas and learning, also going ahead, teaching my subordinate staff in the future to how to make a pizza when someone new joins. This way, I am practising the method of Learn Do & Teach, and this is the method what Deepak, too, is suggesting everyone follow in their own life.
Learn > Do > Teach

Also, there is no such thing as a perfect thing or an ideal moment. One should start with whatever is ready and push themselves. Mistakes are the future benefits, the value of which is yet to be realized by oneself. Getting Things Done is more important than getting things done correctly. Perfection will come slowly and gradually.

For Example – If you had read my first article on Key Takeaways of Class 1 of the Digital Deepak Internship Program, and right now, after going through to this point, you would have realized the improvement in the way of writing. Once people started appreciating it – the confidence has gone up.

What is Marketing?

There are numerous definitions available on the internet, as well as complex hardbound books explaining the meaning of marketing.

For Example, if you go to college to do an MBA(Marketing) – the first thing they say to read is the book of Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong – Principles of Marketing. The Hardcover version of the book is at just Rs.20000/-. As Deepak always says – Once you buy a book. It’s not your duty to finish reading the book, but the book’s task to get it completed from you. And this book is one such book where it won’t get it completed from you, atleast not me.

Click Here to Check the Book – Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong – Principles of Marketing. in Amazon

Deepak here in class 2 explains marketing in simple words as – Good Marketing is just about having good conversations. One should get better at having conversations, not only with the customers, but also with clients, friends, family, and everyone around. The idea is if one has to become better in marketing, then one has to become good at conversations. 

Great Conversations betwween team

The idea behind this whole thing is – If you cannot converse well with  1:1, you cannot talk well  1:Many

Hey, Are you still waiting to know at whose home is Deepak staying in Delhi and doing the webinar? Should I Reveal it Now? or Wait, let me give you Clue No 2 – “He is a Top Class Affiliate Marketer in India.” Any Guess Now?

Coming Back - How to Improve Marketing Skills?

  1. While Writing an Email/Blog post, Think as if you are writing to a person. The person to whom you can comfortably speak all day and discuss any topic.
  2. Just write in a friendly tone as you speaking to one person whom you know. 
  3. Be authentic. People are tired of fake people and personas. Everyone is attracted to someone real. Show how unique you are. Some people might not like you when you are authentic, but some people will love you and will become your best fans and, eventually, your customers and brand ambassadors.

Just Like this blog post, where I am writing as if I am speaking to one person and in a friendly manner and being authentic at the same time. If you agree to it, then click on the share button below and share it with your friends.

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Who is a Better Marketer?

  • People with more life experiences become better marketers.
  • Travel & Go Places.
  • Learn New Languages.
  • Do new things all the time. 
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Explore.
  • Never be Afraid of Being Judged.
Deepak Beside Private Jet

We are finally coming to the main crux of Class 2 and its Assignment. One can have all the skills and can be a good marketer and knows how to communicate to 1:1 and 1:many as well, but if he is unaware who his actual customer avatar is then it’s just pure waste of time, efforts, money, etc. let whatever good marketing he does. 

Create your Customer Avatar

You may ask now – Umm, Jackson, what the heck is a customer avatar?

A customer avatar is a fictional character or made-up representative of who your dream or ideal customer is.

Deepak says – “If everyone is your audience, then no one is your audience.

And moving ahead we are going to find out how to find that one person and converse with many in the same tone, manner as we talk to one person to whom we are comfortable and friendly.

We can Define our Target Audience by Demographics (gender, age, education, profession, occupation, income level, marital status, etc.) and Psychographics (hobbies, spending habits, likes-dislikes, interests. etc.) and basically by understanding different metrics about them. This Target audience should be the most significant chunk out of all the list.

Tips on How to Converse with our Customer Avatar

  • Join Mental Conversations rather than starting new conversations every time
  • Email / Messaging will be more potent as it directly connects as if you connecting to 1:1
  • Address people by their first name
  • Write Emails as you write to a friend.
  • Know your Target Audience well (Interactions, Calls, Surveys)

Once you understand who your Customer Avatar is Focus on the Centre, rather than on the border.

Target the center

Towards the end, Deepak showed us a live example – a 5-minute exercise Where he shared a form with a set of questionnaires and told all the attendees to fill up. Once everyone Filled up the answers, he showed the stats of the survey, and from the stats how he formed his customer avatar, which has made him easy to communicate as he could find his target audience. 

While everyone was filling up the survey form shared by Deepak, we heard a Sound apart from Deepak’s voice. And the voice came – “Hello Everyone” and looks who’s here; he is the one about whom I gave you two clue’s in the above sections, and Deepak is staying at his place tonight. He is an International Speaker & Blogger, Runs a Content Writing Agency, and is India’s No 1 Affiliate Marketer. Yes, you know its who – it’s Kulwant Nagi.

Kulwant has shared some affiliate marketing tips towards the end of the class. Stay Tuned. Till then, let’s see an example of the Customer Avatar and how to find them and how I could find it for my business.

How to find your Customer Avatar?

  1. Find your Niche.
  2. Make a list of questions to Determine the Characteristics of your Customer Avatar for your niche.
  3. Circulate it through social media, online channels, or physically and Ask them to Fill it Up.
  4. Record the Answers into a Spreadsheet. Analyse & Interpret.
Do you Know WHO You Are Selling To! – Find Your Customer Avatar

Want to Know - How Did I came to know my Customer Avatar.?

Following the same steps as said above.

  1. Niche – Website Designing & Development.
  2. My Question ListClick Here to Check my Questionnaire
  3. On circulation of the survey form, I Received 41 responses.
  4. Record Answers into a Spreadsheet – Click Here to View Responses.

My Customer Avatar

Hey, I hope you are with me and helping me to find a customer avatar for my business. So let’s start by analyzing and interpreting all the answers.

My Customer Avatar matches with a profile having this kind of characteristic.

  • Customer Avatar is in the age group of 26-30 or 21-25.
  • He is a Male.
  • He is from a Metro City like Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore.
  • His annual income is less than 5 Lakhs
  • He is above the Graduation Level.
  • He is an average student at school.
  • He is an introvert.
  • He Loves Reading, Travelling and Watching Videos & Dramas.
  • He is planning to start his own business in the Future.
  • He is planning to start a Product & Service or just Service Based Business.
  • He considers web design development and digital marketing is essential for his business 
  • He will be searching for a Developer / Agency on Google and will get the website done at least one to two months before the start of his business.
  • He uses a Windows Computer & Android Phone.
Target Audience

Hurray! We have finally analysed and interpreted from this survey the kind of customer avatar for my business. It’s time you find the customer avatar for your business and know who is your actual customer and the target audience.

Tips by Kulwant Nagi

Oh, Kulwant Nagi – India’s No1 Affiliate Marketer is back on screen to share some tips.
Kulwant says Affiliate Marketing is Easy – How? – Once you know how to do it. The primary step to do is to do Market Research. Know your target and find the Gold.

Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi

Tip 1: Target Long Tail Keywords.

 Don’t Run behind keywords having search volume of 10k or 20k. You are guaranteed to FAIL. – why? Because there are more chances are big players are fighting and competing in the market for the same keyword—no point competing and making a hole in your pocket. 

Try to Target Keywords having a minimum of 3 words in the keyword

Example – best baby strollers, best laptop with i7 processor, best laptop with i7 processor under 70k.

Here we can see the customer has defined and is very specific, and the customer is very close to the buying stage. More chances to close the deal as the customer has high buying intent. Very easy to rank the long tail keyword as compared to short tail or mid-tail keywords.

Kulwant Nagi’s suggestion – The search volume must be around 1000 only. It is more than enough to make you a millionaire. Selecting the right keyword with the buying intent is the secret to affiliate marketing – You can’t Fail if you follow this.

Tip 2: Affiliate Link Issue in Blog. Get AAWP Plugin.

Example – You wrote the article on your blog on Best iPhone Xs cover with the Amazon affiliate link to buy the product. 

Scenario 1: Someone from India comes to the blog and clicks on the affiliate link; the customer buys the product from, i.e. Indian site and the sale is closed.

Scenario 2: Someone from the US visits your same blog and clicks on the same affiliate link as in scenario 1, the problem here is the customer won’t be able to buy as he directed to because we usually hard code the affiliate link.

Solution: There is a Plugin in the market by the name “Get AAWP Plugin.”

With the help of this plugin what we can do is We can create the affiliate link through this Get AAWP plugin. And when a customer from the US visits the same blog and clicks on the link to buy the product, the customer will be redirected to the Amazon US website automatically rather than

Get AAWP Plugin – Click here – Coupon Code: BCAGE – 15% Discount.

Ok, Ok Wait just before getting into conclusion part, as said in the first paragraph of this blog, its been 15 days since my last post and do you what happened in this gap of 15 days.

On 12th March 2020, I got a message in the group that the scores and feedback of Top 100 Interns for Assignment No.1 were published. I quickly prayed again thinking to be at least a part in the Top 100 and Boommmmmm I couldn’t believe my eyes; I was in the Top 10 in the list with a score of 93 – check the screenshot below. Thank you, Deepak sir, Krishna Prasanth, Harliien Man, and PixelTrack Team. You guys have pushed and motivated me to do better and better, and this appreciation has made me more confident to write.

Top 10 logo
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Final Verdict - The Conclusion

To conclude, this session has taken a level up on the awkwardness. Thus indicating the learning for all of us. It helps us get away from our comfort zones and challenges us to think of new ways and beliefs.

As a growing web developer and marketer, this session of the class has given me a clearer picture as to who is my customer avatar and what exactly my audience wants from me.

And I would recommend everyone reading the blog post to go-ahead and find their niche and do a research to know who your customer avatar is which is a part of finding the Gold as said in the last session of Internship Program.

And Once you already know your target audience, it will always require less money and time, thereby providing a more significant ROI to the marketing campaigns.

Thank you for being so patient with me. Finally, I would like to thank Digital Deepak and Team PixelTrack for motivation & support.

Please comment below on your reviews about the post. Thank you once again.

Jackson Pathilchirayil


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  1. Thank You Oshin. No Big Strategy. Just Saw the video of Deepak sir and Noted Topics and Points and scripted a movie-like format 🙂 Because everyone likes to read some stories and always likes some suspense and good feeling factor. That’s It.
    Also, if you see my customer avatar form – You helped me analyse that my audience likes watching movies and dramas etc…

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