Effective ways for Lead Generation

What are Effective ways for Lead Generation

Lead generation is the key to take your business to the top. Understand the target audience of your product & then accordingly decide which method will be an Effective way for Lead Generation & should suit you the best.
Below listed are 11 Most Effective Ways for Lead Generation

E-Mailers & SMS Marketing.

Emailer is the easiest way to reach out to potential clients. There are several Email & SMS service providers who can assist in this. Due to several regulations, you have to be careful and ensure that you are not marked spam.

You can advertise through different medium’s Newspaper’s, Television, Hoarding’s etc. A good advertising company will help you plan this better. This is an expensive medium of lead generation. Advertisement usually is better for Branding.

Member Referrals

 This is the cheapest but the most effective and productive way of generating qualified lead’s. Get connected to your existing clients for references.


You can Broadcast your offer’s to various groups with lucrative offer’s. Ensure you are doing a broadcast & not sending messages via groups. Also, do not bombard messages as that will irritate the client and you might lose him forever.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

This is the most powerful, persuasive marketing weapon available to any business. Spread the word effectively. This method always works.


This is again a very orthodox way of lead generation. Not recommended for many segments.


You have to be good at networking. Any contact may give you a good lead with good closure. Build your network, use your contacts database effectively, enjoy your new contacts and maximise your chances of success. Use your network effectively.

Facebook / Instagram

Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns are the best way to target the perfect audience. This is very cost-effective and work’s good for almost all segments of the business. Ensure you run sponsored add campaign’s and not just post’s on your FB page.  

Events and Promotions

Participate in events. You can give a personal touch & educate people about the benefits of your product. There are all probabilities of these people turning into your clients in the near future. There are various event management companies who offer advertising & other opportunities to market your product eg : Rising Trick’s contact person Mr Arun: 9867458632.

Leaflet / pamphlets or Inserts

This is one of the cheapest methods of reaching out to a specific geographical area.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Display and selling your products via trade shows, exhibitions, and fairs are also a very effective way of doing sales & generating leads

You can contact our lead generation expert at Vnet Enterprises to know the most suited option of Effective ways for Lead Generation for your product.

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