Digital Deepak Internship Program – Key Takeaways of Class 1

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Digital Deepak Internship Program - Key Takeaways of Class 1

Hello All, I am Jackson Pathilchirayil, a Web Developer and a budding Digital Marketer. Today, I am writing this as a part of my course work from my Internship Program with Deepak Kanakaraju

All the interns, need to submit the assignment about our key takeaways from our first session that happened on 25th February 2020. 

Jackson Monichan Pathilchirayil

Quick Intro of Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak Picture

Deepak Kanakaraju, as a Brand + an Influencer, + a passionate Digital Marketer + a Biker Boy + Author and so on… has gained a huge follower-base around India and other parts of the Globe. 

I have been one of his biggest fans ever since I had a taken His FREE Digital Marketing Course. Later Enrolling for The 100-day Blogging CourseSEO MasteryGoogle Ads MasteryAffiliate Marketing MasteryFacebook Ads Mastery etc… because every lesson would inspire me more to learn from him as he published content providing values on a higher side and with a simple understanding manner.

Can say Deepak’s inspiration through the above courses is one of the one major factors for me choosing Digital Marketing as my career. 

What is this Internship Program?

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Key Takeaways & Lessons Learned in the Internship Program

Official Class 1 began at 9.05 pm on 25th of February 2020. Everyone is as excited as it’s a new beginning and a new start to something great. Deepak first talked about the First Batch and how the interns are showing huge transformations in various terms of communication, writing, independent skills, etc… 

Deepak started off saying the real Super Power in today’s world is if one can communicate our thoughts to the outside world we can build a Personal Brand and marketing and sales become easy and one can sell or grow the business in a much easier way. Bang On here comes the first Super Dialogue while speaking about Marketing and How to Sell.

Tip 1 – 


Moving Ahead, Deepak was saying this program is one of the best digital marketing learning programs as it’s not only a theory class but it also has a practical part to it which is not available in many of the courses. And the way the module is made the interns comes under a pressure where they have to submit the assignments on time to get the cashback which makes it a unique way of an internship.
And Within minutes here comes the Next Bang On Moment.

Tip 2 – 

Golden Triangle -

"If you cannot teach something in a simple enough manner then you have not understood it very well yourself." 

Albert Einstein

"Fundamentals Required to Be a Marketer"

Target is to be a Good Marketer. Once a person is a good marketer, he can communicate and sell to the customer and making lives easier.
Digital Marketing is a medium where Technology comes into the picture to help the marketing techniques.

Understanding Human Psychology + Understanding How to Sell + Understanding How to Communicate + Marketing Fundamentals = Good Digital Marketer.

And there we got into the crux of class 1 content when he started explaining the concept of

"Finding the Gold"

Finding The Gold

“Deciding where to compete is half your Success.”

 i.e. It is about finding where the market opportunity is available. Always Grab the Opportunity as it comes. 

"The Ever-Expanding Market"

In continuation of this, he explained that the market needs always expand, giving rise to new solutions and new solutions and their gaps/problems give rise to new unique needs. He also explained with an example of Car – where once a user buys a car – the needs of the user arises with car cover, car seat cover, etc.. the idea is to we need to focus on a small niche and work on the small niche and be the best and known in that segment of niche. 

"Global Economics" — Bouncer Ball

    • The economy of the country goes up when the average age of the country goes up.
    • The economy goes down when the average age goes above 50 as the household spending goes down.
    • Debt creates money
    • People will always pay money for value like this internship.
    • During recession strong companies survive, weak companies fail

"Skill of Communication"

One should understand and master the art of communication. If we improve our communication, we can improve our sales skills, we can communicate with other people. In this program, there will be a focus on communication and writing skills which will help to be a better marketer and the best digital marketer.

Easy ways recommended by Deepak to master communication:

  • Read a lot (30 minutes a day) — start with simple books and move to complex ones.
  • Listen to podcasts (30 minutes a day)
  • Write a lot, the more you write, the better you can write. (500 words a day).
  • Watch English sitcoms (The Office, Seinfeld, Silicon Valley, Mad Men & more).
  • Watch Standup comedy shows to learn about the culture and local slangs.

Tip – Learn a New Language and Now the Best Second Language to Learn is Mandarin because China will be a global superpower and most of the Chinese people speak Mandarin which will help to communicate between them in their local language. 

Mandarin Language - Hello

"Future of Digital Marketing"

As soon as I saw the topic title, a question popped up in my mind which was pending from a long time, what will happen once, Artificial Intelligence comes in place but in the first point itself, Deepak solves it saying – Digital Marketing will not die because marketing will not die and as needs and products keep going up, you need ways to market them. 

Integrated Digital Marketing

Here Deepak explains that Content is the crux of everything. Deepak showed us a unique way of combining Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Paid Advertising and thereby achieving the goal of the company and increasing customers base in a particular niche won’t be a problem.  

Photo Courtesy :

"Selecting a Niche"

Niche = Combination of Talent, Passion & Market opportunity.

The best way to identify your niche is to scratch your itch. Once we find the niche, our self which is a combination of Talent, Passion & Market Opportunity, consider it as our gold as said in the above section of “Finding the Gold”.

There are three major Niches

  1. Money
  2. Health
  3. Relationships  
Find your niche
Photo Courtesy : Digital Deepak

Moving Ahead in the topic he showed us an eye-opening calculation – Say suppose you create a product for a broader niche
100 Rs x 1% conversion of 1,000,000 sample size = 1,000,000 Rs Revenue.

And if you create a product for a narrower niche
1000 Rs x 0.1% conversion of 1,000,000 sample size = 1,000,000 Rs Revenue.

"Find Market Demand"

Deepak showed the various websites through which we can market research and find the demand of the niches we want to go ahead. 

Below is the List:

  1. Use Google Auto-Suggest
  2. Answer The Public
  4. Ahrefs
  5. Moz
  6. Ubersuggest
  7. SEM Rush
  8. Google Trends
  9. Look For Amazon Reviews
  10. Talk to Customers
  11. Look for Pre & Post Products / Services of other Products.

"Building a Personal Brand is Important"

This is an Aha! Moment of the Day which needs to be put as a Desktop Wallpaper, Pinto the Board with Bold Letters.

The Best Known will always beat the best. 

This is so true we always go with the best known in whatever way or any product/service we buy. It’s not that you don’t be the best – But what we mean here is to be the Best but be the most know too which will help to sell more.

"Benefits of Personal Branding"

People like you will get connected with you and that why selecting the niche is also important. Only once your niche is correct – you can build your tribe. People want to hear from people and not brands. And Once we have our Brand, it will help to get a job, or close a client, or build your own consulting/training business. 

As per me, the best example of Personal Branding would be none other than Digital Deepak himself because Digital Deepak has made himself as the most known and also as the best digital marketer out there in the market which has eventually made easier for him to convert and sell to the audience. No doubt about the value of the products which is also a must.

Deepak Kanakaraju

"How the Funnel Works"

I could say the funnel is what the success of the whole campaign/business – taking the customers from the top of the funnel to the bottom will get you to the sale. The funnel helps to build trust and relationship between the author and the customer. One should focus on Building Brand Ambassadors, which will take the tribe ahead.  

Understanding the Sales Funnel
Photo Courtesy: Digital Deepak


Finally, it was assignment time. The assignment includes:

  • Writing 500–1000 words on what you learned from the session
  • Posting it on your blog and share on Social Media and Get Traffic to our writing  

Then moving ahead there was a small feedback session on twitter where we tried to trend on twitter with the hashtag – #digitaldeepak and it was successful and #digitaldeepak was trending on twitter in the top position 

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Final Verdict

This program in the First Class has removed my fear of writing content and losing the fear of being failed or being wrong. I am so glad that I have learned from the one and only Deepak Kanakaraju and working under him as an intern. Now that I have finished the article, waiting for the next class on 7th March 2020. See you guys. Thank you for reading through all this. Kudos to your patience!

Please comment below on your reviews about the post. Thank you once again.

Jackson Pathilchirayil

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